Monday, June 4, 2012

The Stars Align

I love when things fall in to place, as if the stars aligned and handed me the answers. We are in the process of creating a separate division of Chesler Photography for sports photography. In addition to photographing sports leagues and action photos at tournaments, we are developing an area of sports portraiture that will be over the top cool. I wanted to do something different with my sports photos that would set them apart, when out of left field (pun intended), a super cool set of Photoshop brushes, textures and masks found me, like it fell out of the sky on to my head, only a less offensive than bird poop. 

 It's a given that we will be doing these for our senior portrait clients, but we will also be offering these one of a kind sports images for individuals of any age. It's my goal to display huge versions of these images not only at the studio and in people's homes, but at businesses and locations all around the area. I won't sleep until there is one of these in every athletes home. Alright, I lied...I'm going to bed. I need to get my rest, there's much work to be done.


Dana and Tim Shaffer said...

Steve- these sports posters are really AMAZING.
I can't imagine that everyone who plays any sports in Canandaigua and the surrounding area hasn't already contracted with you to have one made!

Steve Chesler said...

We're just getting the word out about them but it's spreading nicely.